Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 Good 2 B True

When we were first starting out, I was pleased, yet surprised, when a man and woman in a fancy Cadillac pulled up to see our modest apartment in the country.  And even more surprised when he said they’d take it!  I don’t remember what our screening process was back then.  Probably I sized up their car and said ok, but I rented to them, and everything seemed fine.  But after a few months, he told me they were going to move.  Immediately.   

I didn’t hear the rest of the story till way later, from another tenant. 

Apparently he was a cop in NYC, and she was his girlfriend.  He would leave her every Sunday night, and I do mean “leave”.  No car, no food, no money.  She would knock on neighbors’ doors asking for food or a ride into town.  But it turned out she did have something of value.  She was apparently a well-known hooker in Hudson, as well as a drug user.  

I never found out whether he was pimping her, trying to keep her from temptation, or was just keeping a little something for himself on the side upstate, away from a wife in the city -- maybe all three.  If they'd come to me years later, I would've recognized them as 2 Good 2 B True.

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