Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot & Bothered

Very nice lady living in a garden apartment (see 9/20/10 post on euphemisms).  Hottest summer on record.  Complains that her apartment is so damp that her kitchen cabinet shelves warped.  And there’s mold on all her stuff.    
“Do you use your air-conditioner?”
“I don’t have one.  It stays pretty cool if I keep the windows closed.” (!!!)

I give her an air-conditioner.  I pass by her window often, doing yard work.  No hum from the unit.  Seems she’s saving electricity by turning it on only when she’s home.  Few weeks later I get another call:  she was gone for a week, came home and is still wiping mold off the kitchen cabinets. 
“I need a dehumidifier.”
I explain an air-conditioner is a dehumidifier, but better, because it doesn't fill up with water, then shut down until you empty it.  But if she doesn’t keep the a/c on, it can’t work.  

No, she checked with “people” and they all said a dehumidifier works better.  How?  With pixie dust?

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