Friday, September 17, 2010

M's Missing Rent Check

M was one of our certified crazy tenants. I could usually deal with it. But once in a while, when she was off her meds, she’d start to frantically call me.  This was one of those times.

On June 4th, she left me a message, asking if I got her rent check. She’d left it in the mailbox (as she’d done probably a hundred times before), and wanted to make sure I got it.  I returned her call and told her I had it.

June 5th she called again, this time to see if I deposited it.  She called her bank and it hadn’t cleared.  She “just wanted to make sure”.  I returned her call again. 

June 7th:  "This is M again.  The check still hasn’t cleared."  I ignore this message. 

I ignore messages 4 through 8, though she’s becoming increasingly agitated.  But I know Maureen in this state.  All I’ll be doing all day is returning her calls, and I know I made that deposit.

By June 10th, the calls are frantic.  Her check apparently still hasn't cleared. I ignore these messages.

June 11th:  Calm:  "Hi.  This is M.  Thank you so much for depositing my rent check.  The bank said it cleared." I think we’re done -- for this bout of insanity. 

June 17th.  I get a debit memo from the bank.  It says I made a deposit listing two checks, but only one was in the batch.  Guess whose check they say is missing? Only I know, without a doubt, this check, out of the thousands of checks I have received over the years, has cleared. Because M be crazy, but she’s not stupid. And she told me so. I call the bank. They can't find it.  They tell me I have to contact my tenant and get a copy of the check.

Are you crazy??? Call M about the same check I just got 20 phone calls on? I don’t think so. But I have to: "M, what bank is your checking account with?" 
"Hudson City Savings"
"Thank you."
Her bank is my bank. We can trace the snafu without her help. Thank God. 

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