Friday, October 4, 2013


So although Hudson has become decidedly trendy, and we're attracting new residents and visitors from all over, there's still, as in every city, things that go on beneath the shiny veneer.

My building is one of the few on Warren with a front lawn, and, as a result, we're always picking up street litter that blows into our yard.  So one morning not long ago, I'm coming into the office and spot a yellow ShopRite bag wedged between the hedges, tucked away up against the building.  It was in a hard spot to reach, but since it was bright yellow and made the place look trashy, I sighed and went over to pick it up.  As I went to lift it, I noticed it felt very heavy for something that blew into the yard.  So I peeked inside.  There was another black bag inside of the yellow one, with something wrapped up in it.  It was still too heavy for a discarded sandwich, but I still I couldn't see what the thing was.  So I pushed that bag around to find yet a third black wrapper.  Now I was really curious.  Opening the innermost wrapper I spotted a gun! A real, live handgun, which I've only seen before either on the hip of some cop or on TV!  I called the police, stood guard over it until they came, and they took it away.  All the time I'm waiting for the cops, I'm picturing the jerk who planted it looking at me from some nearby hidey-hole, watching his gun go bye-bye.

But here's my real question:  why would some idiot, who obviously carefully wrapped and left that gun there for another idiot to pick up, put the yellow bag on the outside where it would be noticed, when he obviously had more subtle bag colors to choose from?  

They should give IQ tests before they let just anyone have illegal handguns.

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