Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I write this, we’ve had three snowstorms in two weeks – enough to warrant shoveling, plowing and snow emergencies.  A few minutes ago I got a call from The Man (now, with the addition of our son, “The Men”) who just went off the road on the mountain with our plow truck.  They called while waiting for a tow out, and, by the way,  ruptured a brake line in the process.  They’re hoping the other brake line will be sufficient for them to limp the weight of the truck, plow and both of them safely back to the garage.  Meanwhile, they stopped another plow guy who’ll finish plowing our building up there. 

I suggested they have the tow truck just tow them to the shop, but they said they’d “do what they were going to do”.  Then why call me?  Just so I can worry?

Update:  Just got another call.  They have rear brakes, and are continuing plowing, then will drop the truck off at the shop and get the parts to fix it.  Man, Jr. told me he was hanging up now, because I was “asking too many questions & didn’t understand”.  What’s not to understand about them getting down the mountain, through the city, and to the shop safely?  And who's to say the other brake line isn't damaged and may go at any time?  Or am I thinking too much?  All I know is, I’m still worrying.

“Passive Income”, indeed.